I have had the privilege of guiding Dynamic Concepts Development Corp. as President and chief Architect for the last twenty five years.  During this time, I have been responsible for the entire life-cycle of software systems from concept through maintenance in Financial, Government, Medical, Industrial, Business, Aerospace and Military market segments.

Many things have changed drastically since I started this journey, but there are also many fundamentals that are as valid as they were during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Perhaps even more importantly are those elements which where heralded as “game changing innovations”, yet were either determined to not be practical or simply fased away.

Establishing a set of processes and practices for both internal development effort and client facing engagements that remain on the leading (and sometimes bleeding) edge has often been a challenge.  A failure to do so could easily mean the end of the company – and that is something I  simply can not accept. And so, the evolution (and on rare occasions revolution) goes on.

This blog will share some of the key experiences along this journey, along with practical and actionable suggestions on how other teams and even individual developers can improve their own environment.

Initially some of the content here will be updated material that I have previously published in other venues. By gathering all of the material in one place, it will be easier for readers to get a comprehensive view of the material.

I am looking forward to hearing from people regarding their thoughts on the various posts, as well as suggestions for future topics.



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